Tau Huirama

Cultural Coaching & Support | Celebrant | Maori Energy Healer | Story Teller | Author


Haumi e               
Join together
Hui e               
Gather as one
Taaiki e               
Make our gathering weave us closer together               
Tena koutou
Greetings one and all.


Tau HuiramaWorking together

Whakaaro mai, whakaaro atu
With your thoughts and my thoughts we can explore together. With our collective thoughts, we will achieve together.

Whether you are embarking on your own cultural, professional or personal development journey, asking for help to design your wedding or facilitate a funeral, or seeking Tau’s indignenous energy healing skills to help you through a time of stress or pressure, you are likely to wonder how how it will work. The answer: it’s different for every unique person, family, whanau, group and organisation. Yet, there are some common, and very important factors, that come into play when working with Tau Huirama.

  • Visionary yet practical
    Working with your needs, hopes, aspirations and dreams, together we develop a plan to achieve your vision and goals.

  • Interactive
    Working together in a safe and mutually respectful relationship where your questions are welcomed, barriers are overcome, your confidence grows and all your ideas can be explored.

  • Creative
    Working hard to harvest all your ideas and possibilities, focused on discovering, and unleashing, your potential to achieve successful results.

  • Well informed
    Bringing our combined expertise and experience to the table and drawing on others’ resources as needed.

  • Tailored
    Whatever you need, Tau’s cultural supervision, mentoring, training, consultancy, indigenous energy healing, wedding and funeral celebrancy and indigenous cultural and spiritual story telling services will be tailored to meet your needs – so you receive a uniquely tailored service designed to meet  your needs and achieve the results you are looking for.

Sound supportive, safe and exciting?  Call our office on 027 230 3312 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how he can help you reach your full potential.