Tau Huirama

Cultural Coaching & Support | Celebrant | Maori Energy Healer | Story Teller | Author


Tau HuiramaCultural and Spiritual Story Telling

Are you looking for an indigenous Maori speaker to inspire your audience?

Tau is an internationally trained and widely experienced public speaker and an inspiring indigenous cultural and spiritual storyteller. He is passionate about bringing stories to life in a way that engages, entertains and includes each and every person in the audience. He knows how to commit key messages to people’s minds so they remain active influences and prompt ongoing reflection and discussion – often long after people have heard him speak.  

Tau’s indigenous cultural and spiritual story telling is tailored to meet the specific theme, needs and focus of your conference, seminar, business, community or family event.  As a story teller, he has a deep reservoir of indigenous cultural and spiritual stories and a wealth of story telling skills that bring everything he says to life – inviting his listeners into his world while connecting to theirs, in ways that bridge differences and create connection and relationship. The result is a presentation that engages, excites and inspires everyone present.

Tau has a wealth of stories to offer, gathered through his personal and professional experience. If you’re looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker for your event call  our office on 027 230 3312 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Story Telling Training Services

Are you looking for a skilled story teller and presenter to train you, your team or your organisation to tell your own stories?

Tau can teach you, your team or organisation the same presentation and story telling skills you will experience when you hear him speak publically. These include:

  • making people gravitate towards you, watching everything you do and say
  • relaxing on stage, using silence as an exciting ally and using the stage as part of your presentation
  • engaging with each and every person in the audience
  • planning your presentation to get the best out of your time
  • promoting your own story and accentuating your role within it
  • standing up in front of others and speaking easily
  • relying on your skills and engagement, rather than being power point dependent

Public speaking can be daunting and many people freeze up when they stand to speak, or forget their words. Tau knows how to help people reduce the fear in these situations by solving the mystery of public speaking and building their confidence when they are speaking to an audience. Imagine playing your part in raising your organisation’s profile and enjoying every moment of it. Sound exciting?

Training programmes may include one-to-one training or group workshops, and resources, based on your specific needs.

Call our office on 027 230 3312 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how he can support you to build your story telling capability, taking an experiential approach that fosters confidence and achievement.