Tau Huirama

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Cultural Supervision, Coaching and Facilitation of Crucial Conversations

Tau HuiramaCultural supervision

A qualified bi-cultural professional supervisor, Tau provides individual, group and team cultural supervision for leaders, managers and practitioners working with Māori. This cultural supervision can range from supporting non-Māori to develop their cultural knowledge and understanding of Te Ao Maori and apply this to their life and work, through to support for Māori leaders and practitioners who are looking for an independent and confidential cultural ‘sounding board’.

Many Maori working within non-Maori environments seek Tau’s guidance to help them navigate their path within non-Maori environments or build positive bridges between diverse cultural worlds. Working in partnership with Tau, his clients have a safe place to reflect on their work and a wise mentor to guide them as they de-brief their experiences, refresh their thinking, notice their strengths, extend their expertise and develop strategic approaches to resolve challenges and make the most of potential opportunities.

Cultural coaching, training and facilitation

Tau provides a range of cultural coaching and training for individuals, teams, groups and organisations. This includes:

  • helping you identify your cultural learning needs and developmental goals
  • designing one-to-one and small group coaching programmes which are tailored to your cultural development goals, helping you respond effectively to the needs of your clients and stakeholders
  • designing cultural training programmes tailored to match your group and organisational development goals
  • facilitating noho marae learning and cultural developmental experiences matched to the identified goals of your group or organisation

Facilitation for cultural hui and crucial conversations

Sometimes having important conversations around culture and cultural diversity can be extremely difficult. By facilitating a safe, supportive environment where individuals, groups and teams feel supported and engaged, Tau can help your organisation to engage in real cultural and cross-cultural conversations about things that matter. He will help participants share ideas and listen to others; building trusting relationships as they tease out complex or conflicted issues and debrief from complex or stressful events. As these conversations progress, Tau will help you reach a shared understanding and find a solution to move forward in a positive direction.

Tau’s cultural and bi-cultural facilitation services include:

  • Maori cultural hui leadership and facilitation
  • facilitation of crucial cultural and bi-cultural conversations and relationship building
  • culturally inclusive facilitation where cultural diversity is welcomed and diverse cultural protocols are fully respected and readily accommodated

Tau has deep professional experience supporting people to overcome the barriers of misunderstanding, conflict and difference and helping create safe, inclusive conversations that build relationships, grow trust and lead to positive outcomes; over many years he has helped people and organisations understand each other, appreciate their different world views and cultural protocols and build bridges that support collaboration and lead to shared achievements.

Call our office on 027 230 3312 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how he can help you, and your organisation, grow your cultural responsiveness.